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Guided Nature Outings

Ouest Cornouaille boasts a remarkable biodiversity. Sites like the Bay of Audierne, the Rivière de Pont-l’Abbé and the cliffs of Cap Sizun fill visitors with wonder.

Several organizations put on nature outings across the year to discover our area’s flora and fauna:

Haliotika, la Cité de la Pêche (Le Guilvinec’s Fishing Discovery Centre)
The team will introduce you to the world of fishing and the sea’s many creatures – the secret life of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and even algae will be revealed to you!
Here are two ideas for outings that Haliotika can organize:
-Understanding the different professions exercised in a port, both aboard boats and on shore. This tour includes a visit around the port by boat (30 minutes) then a tour on foot (45 minutes).
-In search of the hermit crab, focusing on shell-picking on foot and the discovery of the foreshore. You’ll learn the best techniques for successful shell-picking on foot. You’ll also get an in-depth guide to the foreshore, with its rocky and sandy stretches revealed at low tide, as well as an insight into the biodiversity in this environment. Dates of outings depend on the tides.

Bretagne Vivante - SEPNB
The local Quimper-Pays Bigouden and Douarnenez branches of this association organize nature discovery outings all through the year.

SIVU de la Baie d’Audierne
The local association, the SIVU de la Baie d’Audierne, puts on outings to encourage visitors to learn about the natural environment here and efforts to protect it. Guided tours are also organized to enable you to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Bay of Audierne, including its dunes, foreshore, reed beds and marshlands.

Centre de Rosquerno
The Centre de Rosquerno organizes nature outings and discovery hikes in July and August, following several themes, including the high tide, the natural environment of a river estuary with its birds, fauna and flora, and evening outings with local legends told along the way.

Tourist Offices
Some of our tourist offices put on guided tours of their local heritage during the summer period. Please ask about possibilities at your local tourist office and regularly consult our calendar of events.

Discovery outings, from day into night: The Magic of the Bay of Audierne.

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Guided Nature Outings

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