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> Presenting Ouest Cornouaille’s Sustainable Tourism Network

Presenting Ouest Cornouaille’s Sustainable Tourism Network

Ouest Cornouaille is a tourist destination that is blessed with a fine reputation thanks to the grandeur and beauty of its landscapes and its numerous exceptional natural sites. Among its natural jewels, the Pointe du Raz is a flagship, awarded the presti

Our area is often chosen by holiday makers in search of plentiful opportunities for hiking, practising water sports, attending cultural and typical Breton events, and meeting people who maintain traditional know-how, are local producers, or who play an important part in the local economy – in short, those who give the region its authentic quality.

Today, more than ever, tourism is becoming more interactive, as many visitors seek more meaningful encounters on their holidays, guided tours enlighten them about a particular area’s way of life, and a consequent attachment to an area creates the desire to return, especially as it’s always impossible to discover everything about a place in one go.

Across the world, a new consciousness has affected the behaviour of many – a desire to respect the environment. Grasping the major issues involved in making such a commitment, Ouest Cornouaille has created a Tourisme Durable, or Sustainable Tourism, network. Thanks to this initiative, you’ll be able to choose eco-friendly lodgings and {accommodation awarded an ecolabel} and access a host of {ecotourism} activities as well as special ecology-related events.

Concerning accommodation
: you’ll find not only places concerned with the ecological habitat (with bioclimatic and ecological buildings making the most of renewable energy, etc.) but also establishments that have been awarded {ecolabels} (such as Clef Verte, Ecogîte or Chouette Nature).

{Ecotourism} focuses on discovery activities to do with nature and heritage, and also with traditions, local culture and know-how and local and organic production.

A warm, personal welcome, the openness to teaching visitors about local ways, which leads on to the sharing of our particular culture – these are important elements in our sustainable tourism offerings.

Accessibility for all, staying open for a large part of the year, and good cooperation between different local participants are further factors that we’ve put to the fore in our sustainable tourism offers.

Thanks to the impetus of the Fédération Régionale des Pays d’Accueil Touristiques de Bretagne (representing all the Pays d’Accueil across Brittany), plans to promote sustainable tourism in the region have led to the creation of a first Breton sustainable tourism network in Ouest Cornouaille. We now invite you to discover and make the most of this new generation of tourist services.

You can download the complete list of professional organizations that make up Ouest Cornouaille’s sustainable tourism network opposite.

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You can download the complete list of professional organizations that make up Ouest Cornouaille’s sustainable tourism network opposite.

Moulin de Trouguer

Presenting Ouest Cornouaille’s Sustainable Tourism Network

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