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> Agence Ouest Cornouaille Développement: The West Cornouaille Development Agency

Agence Ouest Cornouaille Développement: The West Cornouaille Development Agency

The Agence Ouest Cornouaille Développement (AOCD) is a local development agency. We were formerly the Association de Promotion du Pays Bigouden, founded in 1985 by three county councillors (A. Guellec, P. Draoulec and S. Jolivet) and the president of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to promote and develop the Pays Bigouden coastal area.

After becoming a Pays d’Accueil Touristique (Tourism Host Area), the association was joined by the Cap Sizun in 1994, and changed its name to Ouest Cornouaille Promotion. After this, we also started to focus on urban and rural development with the Leader+ programme and the Ouest Cornouaille Intercommunity Planning Syndicate. We changed our name again on 29 April 2008 to become the Agence Ouest Cornouaille Développement (AOCD).

The AOCD’s actions are in accordance with:

- Britanny’s Pays d’Accueil Touristique charter
- the formal agreements between Ouest Cornouaille’s four groups of municipalities (communautés de communes).
- the agreement between the Finistère General Council and the Departmental Tourism Committee:
- the agreement with the government department for the management of Leader+ funds.

AOCD’s projects are carried out in partnership with all of the tourism institutions (Regional Tourism Committee, Departmental Tourism Committee and tourist information centres).

The team

Olga ANSELLEMDirector
Valérie LE VEZOProject coordinator
Christiane LE GALLTourism coordinator
Yann FERECCultural coordinator
Véronique CARIOU
Accounts, Leader+
Isabelle TANNEAU
Secretary, documentation, reception.
Bénédicte VEDELTourism coordinator
Project coordinator SCOT


With thanks to our French to English translators, who have devoted so much talent, time and effort to making the English version of this website possible.

Nous souhaitons remercier nos traducteurs français-anglais. Sans leur expertise et leurs efforts, la version anglaise de ce site web n’aurait pas été possible.

Senior Translator and project manager :
Traductrice principale, réviseur et gestionnaire de projet :

Julia BILBY: lingualise@hotmail.co.uk


Philip BARBOUR : philippe.barbour@virgin.net
Luke ANDERSON: anderson.luke87@gmail.com
Maddy COZINS: mcozins@hotmail.co.uk
Laura DUNBABIN: laura.dunbabin@gmail.com
Cathrine HUGHES: cathrine_hughes123@hotmail.com
Georgia NEWMAN: georgiakatenewman@hotmail.co.uk

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Agence Ouest Cornouaille Développement: The West Cornouaille Development Agency

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