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Produce from our Seas

Going to one of Ouest Cornouaille’s handful of fishing ports to collect freshly caught fish just off the boat offers you a quality and freshness of produce that can’t be beaten, whether you’re planning to cook humble grilled sardines or a more elaborate d

Our fish shops get their produce daily from the fish auctioning halls in our ports. Some small-scale fishermen also sell their catch either on the port or at local markets. Shellfish are easy to find to make up sumptuous seafood platters, with the likes of langoustines, spider crabs, edible crabs, clams, winkles, etc, easily available.

Ouest Cornouaille’s Most Celebrated Produce

Langoustines are the most celebrated seafood associated with the ports of the Pays Bigouden. Caught daily in a coastal zone known as the ‘grande vasière’, these pink crustaceans are placed, immediately on being taken out of the sea, in containers through which seawater flows to keep them alive.  

Line-caught bass. Fishermen who specialize in catching wild bass in Ouest Cornouaille work in dangerous environments, in places where rocks and waves clash. In fact, these fishermen prefer it when the sea swell is greater, as bass are more active in those periods. The most spectacular site for this sort of fishing is the reef-strewn Raz de Sein. The sea bass are caught one by one, are immediately put on ice and are given a sticker declaring them to be ‘bar de ligne’, or line-caught bass.
Sardines de Bretagne (Breton sardines) have been awarded the prestigious French culinary Label Rouge (Red Label). St-Guénolé in Ouest Cornouaille is the leading French port for sardine fishing. Two local canneries, Chancerelle (based in Douarnenez) and Capitaine Cook (in Plozévet) have been able to carry the ‘Sardine de Bretagne’ Label Rouge for their prepared sardines since 2003.

Several specialist companies in Ouest Cornouaille harvest seaweed, prepare it for consumption and then put it in their products to sell.

Scarlette Le Corre set up in the business of producing bottled seafood by preparing such specialities as monkfish liver with wakame, seaweed tartars, ‘haricots de mer’ (samphire, or ‘sea beans’ in French), or even seaweed cakes. You can find her at the market in Le Guilvinec or at her workshop in the port, which can be visited by prior reservation. She also organizes sea outings for you to learn more about fishing and harvesting seaweed.

At the port of Lesconil, the shop L’Epicerie Marine stands right beside a workshop where a large range of craft-made products based on seaweed are produced, including seaweed pâtés and tartars. From behind a window in the shop, you can look at how the raw materials are prepared, learn how the specialities are put together and then sample them.

Les langoustines de Lesconil_AOCD

Produce from our Seas

Les conserves de Scarlette_AOCD
Atelier cuisine à Haliotika_Haliotika

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Pour en savoir plus sur les poissons, la confrérie des saveurs de l'Atlantique a pour objectif de promouvoir la région, les produits de la mer et les métiers qui s'y rapportent.

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